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“What do you mean, you don’t feel like studying?!”

Today’s post is an excerpt from an email sent in response to a buddy’s plea for help. He is asking a critical question for anybody involved in academic pursuits: how do you do the required work, if you don’t feel like it? Actually, it’s an important question for anybody in any profession. How do we overcome […]

Doing it Wright in Baltimore

For those of us who get excited about the chance to spend a week with a bunch of total nerds who love nothing better than to read read read, write write write, and then argue about it all, this is geek heaven. Bible geek heaven. And I’m proud to be one, no mistaking that. A […]

Greek Geek Advice

Today’s post is an excerpt from an email I sent to a fellow seminary student who asked how to continue to improve his Greek. He has finished his required courses in Greek for seminary, but wants to keep growing in it. The references to Dr. Varner are specific to this student’s questions about taking a […]

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