Greek like Violin: Day 7 (squeezing it in)

Yesterday I was able to get in a 1.5 hour session in the early morning. This was before heading off to a movie set to spend the next 14 hours dressed up like a knight. It was uncomfortable, the entire costume rubbing in the wrong places and the boots blistering my feet. But, as happens every time I work on set, I was able to read about 100 pages of background NT reading while still engaging in some great conversations with the myriad of personalities who work on movies.

Here was the breakdown for the early morning session:


0500-0545 – Romans 9 and 10 (in the Greek)

0550-0615 – Ruth 2:17-23 (Hebrew and LXX


0615-0625 – Hebrew Vocab


As has been the case with many of my early morning sessions, they usually just involve devotional reading. However, this (usually 1.5 long) hour of time has brought uncountable blessings. As Brian Rickett stated so plainly, reading the original languages is like falling in love. Not just with the text, but with what lies behind it: interacting in relationship with Yahweh.



  1. Just saw this shared on the Nerdy Language Majors group. I’ll be checking out your other posts.


    1. Thanks, Daniel. Looking forward to your comments and interaction.


      1. I actually spent the summer going through Porter’s “Fundamentals” and Wallace’s “Syntax”. Porter does not go very in depth with verbal aspect in “Fundamentals”, but Wallace does respond to Verbal Aspect Theory in “Syntax”. Were you able to find satisfactory responses to Wallace’s criticisms when you read “Idioms”?


    2. Daniel, I haven’t read enough of Idioms to make a call on that. I’ve seen a number of places of disagreement, most recently in the treatment of the Greek case system. Thanks for the heads up, as I will be taking closer note of it while going through Idioms and Syntax.


  2. I want to encourage you in your endeavors, brother. I’m enjoying the posts. Though it’s not PhD work but ThM, it’s nice to know that others are laboring daily for the same ends.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Jared. Whether PhD, ThM, or just a hobby for greater access to the scriptures, the ultimate goal of the labor is the same: deeper relationship with our Lord. Keep up the hard work, brother!


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