Greek like Violin: Day 11 (handling setbacks)

I faced my first legitimate setback today. Actually, it began at 3:30am last night. My son awoke screaming, his diaper having leaked all over the bed. This also woke up my daughter, who just over a year, so I walked out of a dream about being stranded in some desert into a screamfest and pee pee.

The situation was put under control within 15 minutes. But then the real challenge hit. I couldn’t fall back asleep. Part of me was tempted to just stay up and start my reading. But Starbucks isn’t open until 5am. However, when my alarm went off, I was stumbling around the house like a drunk man.

This may sound strange, but I actually had to pray hard for wisdom in that moment. I was very torn between staying the course and getting the work done, and returning to bed. I realized that any efforts at reading (much less driving 1.5 miles to Starbucks) would be less than fruitful, and a constant struggle to stay awake. I returned to bed, hoping to find time later in the day to get some work done.

More setbacks are sure to come. The most dangerous part about them is the nagging temptation all day to neglect other duties to get the “real” work done. Thankfully, by God’s grace, I was able to “work unto the Lord” while watching our kids, doing errands, putting more furniture on Craigslist, etc. God, and my wife, don’t really care how much Greek or Hebrew I know; they only care if I love.

Here’s the breakdown for Day 1 of Week 3 of Greek like Violin (if you are new to the practice logs, read this Introduction first:


1535-1644 – 1 Corinthians 4–6


No time for Hebrew today, although I plant to meditate on Psalm 1 before bed. Glad to have this challenging day, because it gives me even more motivation to get back on track tomorrow. See you then.


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