New (red) addition to the family!

Here’s a quick story of the Lord’s provision for us. Fun account which would have been hard to dream up. Read first, then look at pics below!

This past Saturday I took a train 5 hours to the south of England. I literally went to the other end of the country (shows you how small it is). I was going to see and possibly buy a car that I’d only viewed on my computer screen. It would be a long train ride home if the car was a dud.

But the opportunity was too good to pass up. The car was a red 2003 Volvo V40 with only 19,000 miles, all leather, heated seats (Alex loved that part), etc. One owner, an old lady who never drove it and garaged it at all times. She was put in a home this summer, so the car went to her 60-year old nephew, Nick. He was asking £2,500, but we agreed to £2,400. That’s about $3,800.


He picked me up from the train station in Taunton. After tea at his home with him and his lovely wife Lorraine, they drove me to the post office to get the car taxed. In England, a car without road tax cannot be legally driven on any road, ever. So I didn’t actually test drive the car. But he drove me around the block and it it never broke down, so I was confident it could make it the 315 miles home. Well, not really, but for some reason I believed that I could trust Nick and his mechanic (through heresay). Plus, he threw in a free Volvo dog guard.

Of course, the biggest obstacle I faced in this whole ordeal was the fact that I have never, ever driven on the left side of the road. But I had a 5-hour drive ahead of me to practice. At least Nick and Lorraine had a hearty English laugh about it when they asked about my experience.

The drive home was fun, to say the least. I literally crossed the entire country of England. The forecast called for rain showers, of which there were plenty. The Volvo performed flawlessly, and I only stopped for petrol (gas) once. I arrived home just in time to pick up Alexandra and take her to a dinner party with friends from church (driving in our car, NOT the bus!).

photo 1-2 photo 2-2

Every time I look out the window now at the little red addition to our family sitting in the driveway, I am immediately given praise and gratitude to the Lord for bringing this car our way. He is truly a caring God, helping us to plant roots in this new place we are coming to call “home.”

photo 3-2


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  1. Mason Alley · · Reply

    Tavis! Congrats on the find. I’m a big fan of older, low mileage cars. God is good!

    Professional question — is there a Hebrew equivalent to the Greek “telios”?


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