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There are no ‘naturals’ in original language study

The featured pic is of Bobby Fischer. He was one of the greatest chess players ever. But he was not a natural. There are no naturals in chess, or in study of the original languages. Months ago I began a series on Greek like Violin. My purpose was to bring to you, the reader, a […]

Language study as spiritual discipline

There are, of course, various tasks within biblical study that need have little direct relation to theological issues—perhaps most obviously, the mastering of the biblical languages, for the rewards of theological insight, though potentially great, come only after the exercise of prolonged self-discipline and patience in the mastering of grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and idiom (though […]

How to study 5 languages simultaneously (or, the 3-year Psalms Project)

I feel overwhelmed. How is a girl (or guy, like me) supposed to master five different languages while having to read vast amounts of material just to keep up with doctoral studies? Here is a proposal. I’m just thinking this one through before making a full commitment. I’m thinking of reading through the entire book […]

Brain matters

As many of you know, I am currently pursuing a doctorate at Durham University. What many of you don’t yet know is that my wife is also pursuing her bachelor’s degree in sociology here at Durham. I’ve become her personal tutor with her research papers, and she’s currently working on one dealing with gender inequalities […]

Write it down, Read aloud!

This post is going to be brief. I have only two points to make regarding dedicated language study. 1. Write it down. 2. Read aloud. Point 1: You can’t learn any language well just by reading it over and over again. You have to write it down, get a feel for how the words dance […]

How to study greek while doing a PhD

This sounds like a question that shouldn’t even be asked. But when you have a family and you’re trying to make a life for them in a foreign country far away, while also serving at a local church, things get a bit busy. So, I asked one of the faculty here at Durham how she […]

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