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A superior ‘reading’ Bible

This is a very quick review of the ESV with Apocrypha, which I received in the mail earlier today (note: this was not a review copy; I purchased it for my own use!). After all the recent hype over hipster bibles, more pleasing aesthetic bibles and various reader’s bibles, I find the ESV with Apocrypha […]

On my desk: Varner’s commentary on James

William Varner. James. Evangelical Exegetical Commentary. Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software, 2012. 412 pp. Although I wrote this review over a year ago, I stand by it today. The most significant change from when I first wrote this review is that Logos has since released the volume in hardcover, independent of the entire series (a wise […]

On my desk: Moseley on Israel’s nationhood

Moseley, Carys, Nationhood, Providence, and Witness: Israel in Modern Theology and Social Theory (Cambridge: James Clarke, 2013) I just finished reviewing Moseley’s book for Theological Book Review (based at Liverpool Hope University). She takes modern theologians to task over their lack of attentiveness to the theological concept of nationhood, as applied to the so-called ‘problem of Israel’ (read […]

On my desk: Bibliowicz on Jews and Gentiles in the early church

Bibliowicz, Abel Mordechai, Jews and Gentiles in the Early Jesus Movement: An Unintended Journey (New York: Palgrave, 2013) There is nothing I enjoy more than reading about history (stop yawning please). So I am very eager to see what Bibliowicz has to say about the split in the early church between Jewish and Gentile Christians. A peek […]

On my desk: Heimola on the Gospel of Philip

Forthcoming review for RBL on Minna Heimola’s ‘Christian Identity in the Gospel of Philip’

Barth on Preaching God’s mercy

I came across this excellent quote today while doing some research in Romans 12:1. Barth has the following to say about preaching and the mercy of God: For the voice of the preacher, even though it be pitched in the key of absolute truth, wobbles from note to note, is raucous, croaking, and utterly unimpressive. […]

Alcohol and Wasted Time

My friend Preston Sprinkle recently published an excellent article in Relevant mag concerning alcohol and Christianity. He does a fine job presenting a biblical understanding of an issue that is still of major concern in the church, particularly in the USA (not so much in the UK or France; I speak from personal experience). As […]

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