Bibleworks 10 is here!

Yes, it’s true, the newest offering by Bibleworks is now available in release number 10. I haven’t put it through it’s paces yet, but after watching the intro video, it looks very promising, especially since it can now be downloaded in full or as a upgrade without the need for DVD’s (those were a bit annoying, to be honest).

Although I hope to provide a substantial review here soon, a few things have got me very excited about what I consider the best in biblical language study software:

  • Runs on both a PC and Mac without need for parallels software.
  • A new interface which promises to be much more user-friendly (thank you, BW!)
  • Additional resources, including one of my favourite Greek lexicons (Danker’s Concise)
  • An impressive Stuttgart collection of OT and NT resources for the serious scholar or pastor, which includes the apparati for NA28, BHS, and the Vulgate. Nice…

More to follow!


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