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Witherington interviews Barclay on his new book

Ben Witherington has just written a two-part blog in which he interviews John Barclay on his new book, Paul and the Gift.  Others have already compared Barclay’s book to game-changers such as E. P. Sanders’ Paul and Palestinian Judaism (1977). Witherington now includes Wayne Meeks’ The First Urban Christians (1983) to this growing list of books that changed the […]

Interleaf Bibles are here!

It’s about time somebody made a proper interleaf Bible, and Crossway has stepped up to bat (see here). I’ll have to see the final product when it is released, but at this point I’m really excited. And interleaf, if you don’t know, is when every other page of the book, or Bible, is completely blank. […]

Bibleworks 10 Review Forthcoming

As a heads up to my readers, I wanted to let you know that soon I’ll be publishing a review of the recently-released Bibleworks 10. And I can use your help! I’ve been a user of BW for about 4 years now, having purchased my first copy of BW9 whilst in seminary. Over the years, […]

Considering a PhD? Great collocation of resources here!

This recent post by David Murray has collected a number of excellent posts addressing the question of whether one should take the time to do a PhD. The post is geared towards those who are in that funny DMZ between academia and pastoral ministry, and wondering how they might mesh. I should also mention that […]

Douglas Campbell’s praise for ‘the Gift’

Eerdman’s shared the following blurb from Douglas Campbell on Barclay’s Paul and the Gift, which is also found on the back cover of the book. One more reason to give this book a thorough reading (or two or three!): This brilliant book is a substantial and methodological tour de force. Barclay’s fascinating study complicates the notion of […]

John Barclay and the #QOTD

My good friend Cliff found an absolute gem in Barclay’s new book, Paul and Gift. I can’t wait to cite this in a sermon soon: Source: John Barclay and the #QOTD

Barclay reviewed by Peter Orr

I came across this review of John Barclay’s new Paul and the Gift today on TGC Australia. It’s quite laudatory, with just a touch of critical analysis. For a quick summary of the book’s thesis it is helpful, but there are likely to be many more in depth critical reviews forthcoming from other Pauline scholars (and […]

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