Interleaf Bibles are here!

It’s about time somebody made a proper interleaf Bible, and Crossway has stepped up to bat (see here). I’ll have to see the final product when it is released, but at this point I’m really excited. And interleaf, if you don’t know, is when every other page of the book, or Bible, is completely blank.

That leaves (pun) you with a full blank sheet of paper every time you turn the page, facing a full page of text. For people who like to take and make notes, drawings, write prayer, poems, or songs, whatever, this is ideal.

The concept comes from Jonathan Edwards, who unbound one of his bigger Bibles, inserted a blank sheet in between every sheet of text, and then rebound the whole thing. His Bible is still in existence today (I think at Yale), and is covered in his scrawling handwriting = a treasure.

For my Phd studies, I created my own interleaf text of Pseudo-Philo, which has proved invaluable. Nearly every blank page has at least a couple of entries of my own text, while the other side, the text side, also has plentiful underlining and circling and more.

I’ll try to get a review copy from Crossway, and if I do, I’ll be sure to post a review here on AHS.

Stay posted…


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