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Racing for Karl

I’m diverting from my normal posts regarding Greek language, PhD studies, and lately, John Barclay’s new book. Today, I want to encourage you to consider helping a friend of mine from seminary. His name is Karl Heitman, and he is just awesome. This guy is a faithful husband and father, a dedicated pastor of a church […]

Waiting to Write

One of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, components of writing is, for me, waiting to write. I find it extremely challenging to hold back from putting pen to paper, and then fingers to keyboard. My research begins with reading, lots of it. But during that initial foray into the secondary material, I soon […]

Enticing recommendation for “Paul and the Gift”

If you haven’t yet been convinced that you need to read Barclay’s new book on Paul (though over 10 years in the making), then this recommendation from Garwood Anderson might just tip the scales for you: Enjoy!

Job Posting at Eerdmans

Need a job? Like reading, especially biblical/theological stuff? Checking this one out:

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