Personal Study Schedule: Academic Languages, Early Christian Literature, and Study Habits

Exceptional post. A great reminder of the discipline required to achieve mastery, of whatever your subject of study is. Some do this for exercise, some do it for the stock market. Consistency, determination, pain, self-control, and humility are all necessary elements to achieve anything worthwhile in this one short life.

Doctrinae Coram Deo

images-1A friend of mine gave the recent sentiment how NT scholars know a whole lot about NT Literature and their knowledge of Greek is limited to Matt–Rev, let alone having broader knowledge of early Christianity. As a NT and Early Christian scholar, I have to be mindful of tons of literature and methodologies that extend beyond a mere reading of Matt–Rev.

Last year at SBL (San Diego, 2014), a chord was struck within me—it was imperative that I garnered deeper knowledge of Early Christianity and broadened my awareness of Greek literature. During December of 2014, this pending change burgeoned into broader action.

After talking with close friends, academic mentors, and other scholars in the field, I attempted to compile a quasi-“best practices” to undergird my Early Christian discipline and language acquisition. Some of what follows is a result of these conversations as well as what I, personally, wanted to implement.


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