About Tavis

Tavis in Yosemite

Here are a few things about me that may surface in various ways in my writing: I am a follower of Jesus and a lover of the scriptures, consumed with the glory of God. I am a doctoral researcher at Durham University in the Department of Theology and Religion and a member of St. John’s College. Before coming to the UK I completed an MDiv at The Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles. I am exceptionally grateful to be working under the supervision of Professor John Barclay, the Lightfoot Professor of Divinity at Durham. I am also his Research Assistant. When not doing research and writing, I get out and preach around town here and there.

In my life before theological studies, I was an actor, musician, screenwriter, Naval Academy midshipman, financial analyst, commercial real estate broker, cattle rancher, Whole Foods herb specialist, runway model and documentary filmmaker. There are many things I enjoy, including surfing and running, Provence and San Clemente, but the most important things in my life now are my beautiful wife and our two small children.


(A note regarding the header image in this blog: my good friend Shane Nearman painted this work, titled ‘Death and Life’, on found wood from Paris. He is truly an artist of exceptional calibre. His work is a reflection of his relationship with Jesus Christ, who has given him the ability to convey true spirituality (i.e. the Gospel) on various media, including painting and graphic design. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with his work at shanenearmanart.com.)



  1. peter dacey · · Reply

    tried to send an email to your gmail account came back undeliverable. somewhere else i can reach you?


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