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Hey Dr Dobson, It’s Time to Focus on Jesus

Originally posted on Stephen McAlpine:
I have been critical in the past over celebrity evangelical figures who have  blinked first and allowed the sexual ethics of progressivism to blind them to the reality of the biblical framework on sexuality and Christ’s gospel call to purity. The desire for cultural and social power, and a seat…

The Abortion Lens and Trump

The lens through which many of my Christian friends have viewed this election and now the Trump presidency is very large: abortion. That’s a good issue to be concerned about. However, in my opinion that lens is not big enough. As Christians, we are informed by Scripture, and thus required to view our world more comprehensively. Hence my 1933 […]

Write something, damit! Trump is here.

The voice of theologians in the public sphere has never been more needed than now. Why? Because people forget. And my greatest fear at this moment is not that Trump will be in office soon; that’s the new reality, like it or not. Rather, I fear that too quickly those opposed to Trump will forget […]

Why can’t the New York Times’ religion columnist define religion?

Originally posted on Daniel O. McClellan:
Last week, The New York Times ran the column “When Some Turn to Church, Others go to CrossFit,” which discusses the tendentious way that attempts to define religion lean to more inclusiveness than intended. CrossFit is the example used in the article of a practice that is not usually called a…

A Must-Have for Writers

Like you, I love writing. And I hate writing. Putting words to screen is a daily activity for me, yet each day’s writing might be in a different format and genre. I wear many hats, you see, and thus need a writing platform that can handle the variety efficiently. Understandably, I have different programs which […]

Theology Schools Changing Gameplan

Great article in the NYT demonstrating the sea-change in theological schools, which is already impacting professors at all levels. If you don’t have access to NYT, it’s only a dollar a week at the student rate. Well worth it.

When Giants Converse

This June,the University of Edinburgh is holding a ‘discussion’ between two friendly rivals, and giants in the field of Pauline studies: Tom (NT) Wright and John Barclay: Profs Wright and Barclay Discuss Paul A quick background: Tom and John were at Cambridge together years ago doing their doctoral work (Tom tutored John briefly whilst at Cambridge […]

McKnight interviews Barclay

Great interview, including a mini-sermonette by Barclay at the end! well worth a listen:

McKnight Interview of John Barclay

Originally posted on Dunelm Road:
Check out this nice interview of Dr. John Barclay on Paul and the Gift on Scot McKnight’s podcast Kingdom Roots. McKnight notes that Barclay’s book was his number 1 book for 2015.

Barclay defends criticism of Gift

Worth a listen:  

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