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There are no ‘naturals’ in original language study

The featured pic is of Bobby Fischer. He was one of the greatest chess players ever. But he was not a natural. There are no naturals in chess, or in study of the original languages. Months ago I began a series on Greek like Violin. My purpose was to bring to you, the reader, a […]

Write it down, Read aloud!

This post is going to be brief. I have only two points to make regarding dedicated language study. 1. Write it down. 2. Read aloud. Point 1: You can’t learn any language well just by reading it over and over again. You have to write it down, get a feel for how the words dance […]

How to study greek while doing a PhD

This sounds like a question that shouldn’t even be asked. But when you have a family and you’re trying to make a life for them in a foreign country far away, while also serving at a local church, things get a bit busy. So, I asked one of the faculty here at Durham how she […]

Greek like violin: Day 23 (A word of encouragment)

Last night, after putting the kids down to sleep, I sighed with relief that the toughest part of the day was finished. I love my kids, but 13 hours is a long time to spend with anybody. I grabbed my nearly-finished glass of Shiraz from the kitchen, one of my beloved Parker Jotter ballpoints, and […]

Greek like Violin: Day 22 (An epistle, if you please)

Today was a special day. Or I should say, tonight was epic. I’ve been watching my kids solo for the past few days since my wife is in New York for a funeral. It’s been lots of laundry, dishes, cooking, poopy diapers, pee pee accidents, crying, and also laughing, tackling, tickling, trains, movies (Up and […]

Greek like Violin: Day 21 (2 Corinthians completed!)

Today was split between a productive morning session and a late evening nightcap. With my wife gone to New York for a few days, I have been making use of the time, especially at night once the kids go down. As much as I love being able to read the scriptures and get a jump […]

Greek like Violin: Day what?

So it’s been a while since Greek like Violin showed its pretty face. But here we are again, now that things have kinda settled in a bit here in Durham, England. I won’t go into those details in this post, but keep it basic. Yesterday was a refreshing return to the text after having flitted […]

Greek like Violin: Day 17 (and some helpful German resources)

The project has been going well. So time to modify things. I was reminded again today of just how important it is that I get my German down. Really down. So in addition to the Greek and Hebrew I’m adding German back in. I have a great couple of resources to recommend if you haven’t […]

Greek like Violin: Days 15 and 16 (handling missed days)

The 15th day of “Greek like Violin” occurred on Sunday, not Friday of last week. We have been extremely busy with the demands of moving to Durham. Reading time is taken when I can find it, but the work in the languages must continue. One big help is the self-imposed demand that all Bible-reading, whether […]

Greek like Violin: Day 14

My work has slowed down a bit due to time constraints. Our move to Durham is demanding more attention on selling things on Craigslist, organizing finances, researching moving tips, etc. Here was the order for Day 14: Practice: 1605-1645 – 1 Corinthians 12-13 (Greek) Summary: Very little time today to read. I watched the kids […]

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