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From the desk of John MacArthur

Reading Isaiah in bed just a few nights ago a piece of folded paper fell out into my lap. It was a photocopy of the same text that has been sitting on Pastor John MacArthur’s desk for many years now. I received this while attending The Master’s Seminary, and it has stuck with me every […]

How to study greek while doing a PhD

This sounds like a question that shouldn’t even be asked. But when you have a family and you’re trying to make a life for them in a foreign country far away, while also serving at a local church, things get a bit busy. So, I asked one of the faculty here at Durham how she […]

New (red) addition to the family!

Here’s a quick story of the Lord’s provision for us. Fun account which would have been hard to dream up. Read first, then look at pics below! This past Saturday I took a train 5 hours to the south of England. I literally went to the other end of the country (shows you how small […]

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